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We are proud to represent clients in a diverse range of industries. While our heritage is with clients that represent the traditional face of the Midwest economy — transportation, manufacturing and construction — we have also grown to serve clients in service-focused industries including technology, marketing services, and employer organizations. What we bring to each of these is innovative legal expertise, grounded in litigation experience. 


Daley Mohan Groble tried the first FRSA (Whistleblower) Case in Illinois, winning a no-liability victory for its client


  • Our client’s Plaintiff claimed supervisor crushed knee and ankle in door after disagreement about uniform
  • Further claimed he was threatened with retaliation if he were to file an injury report


  • Defense was that the attack never happened and Plaintiff invented the claim to avoid disciplinary action after insubordination
    • Client argued that Plaintiff would have been dismissed even if he had not filed injury report
  • Cross examination of doctors revealed that Plaintiff had long-standing degenerative conditions in both knee and ankle. Orthopedic expert testified that knee and ankle issues were pre-existing, chronic arthritis and not acute or traumatic in origin
  • Defense claimed that HR statements used at trial were confidential and cumulative, and that the photo used was not a reenactment, and was irrelevant to fair and impartial hearing


  • 12-person jury in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois rendered verdict of no liability on the issue of retaliation—the first FRSA jury verdict in Illinois
  • Judge directed a verdict against Plaintiff – delay of medical treatment – at end of all evidence


  • In depth knowledge of medical depositions
  • Thorough understanding of railyard operations to demonstrate attack could not have happened

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