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DMG Sponsors Marine for Life Lunch

Daley Mohan Groble sponsored the October Marine for Life Lunch on October 16 at Gibson's, Chicago. Approximately 10 Veteran Marines and Sailors attended with over 25 employer representatives participating. Marine for Life is a networking organization that connects Marines with opportunities in employment, education and realizing life goals. Employers participate in Marine for Life to have access to a high-quality candidate pool with training, skills and demonstrated leadership experience. Pam Nehring of Daley Mohan Groble noted, "We are proud to partner with Marine for Life, and introduce our clients to the program. We have seen specific hiring directly as a result of the program."

About Marine for Life

Whether you're looking for your company's next organizational leader or looking to develop a high quality work force, the Marine for Life program can satisfy your recruiting and human resources needs. More than 27,000 Marines honorably leave active service each year, and they stand ready to help your organization advance to the next level. We are confident that your active participation in the Marine for Life program will pay dividends by attracting qualified candidates to be part of your company and to continue to build your positive corporate and community image.

Employers that are part of the Marine for Life employer network have access to a pool of high-quality candidates with training, skills and tested leadership experience.

Marines bring special qualities to employers. The Initiative, Commitment, Teamwork, Communication skills and Flexibility of Marines are what win battles. These same qualities are helping businesses win in the marketplace.

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