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Jeff Scolaro of Daley Mohan Groble presents to University of Illinois Future Lawyers

CHICAGO-December 19, 2014

At the University of Illinois, future lawyers are not waiting until they get into law school to start learning about the different areas of law and the types of practices available. The Pre-Law Honors Society is a group of sophomore to senior students from all areas of the University who are interested in learning about the different types of law, the law school application process, and what to expect in law school. As part of their program, they have many attorneys come to campus to give them a real-world view. They also visit a number of law schools in and around Chicago.

Jeff Scolaro of Daley Mohan Groble recently presented on life as a trial attorney. Jeff represents corporate clients in casualty and commercial defense litigation and as such, has a strong body of trial experience to share with the students. He commented, "The talent at my alma mater is impressive--the students are far more knowledgeable about career opportunities than the typical pre-law student in the past, and the Honor Society provides a wealth of experiences to guide them as they look to enter the profession."

Kristen Farr Cappizzi, recent graduate and president of the Society commented, "Jeff brought a fresh perspective from his work as a trial attorney that offered us insights into the day to day life of a trial attorney. He was very entertaining and gave us a behind the scenes look at trial preparation."

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